The Charles W. Harris Library Art Gallery  is a non-profit organization that caters to the creative minds and talents of area artist's. The gallery hosts 6 -8 events every year, from solo artist's to groups of artist's that want to share their talents and works with fellow artists and the public in general.
At present the gallery host several annual exhibits that are open to the public to participate in; the annual quilt show and the school art show. While the quilt show is open to the general public, the school show is limited to participants in elementary and high school from local and home schools.  
Several closed exhibits are held annually or every two years; these include the Kid's Central Inc. and the Wellmont Better Health exhibits. These exhibits are open  to these organizations participants only. 
At present the gallery's calendar for exhibits is booked up through May of 2021. The gallery is accepting submissions for consideration at all times for future exhibits.
If you are interested in exhibiting your works, the gallery takes submissions for consideration in the form of 10-15 digital images of your work, and artist statement and an artist biography. All submissions are given careful consideration by the gallery director, the gallery board and the library board before entry into an exhibit. Exhibits are grouped into two categories: solo artist and group artist's.
 276-220-9201; please leave a detailed message