NEW lighting donated by Caring Touch Home Health, Pound VA

"Let there be LIGHT!", said Gallery Director Tony Phipps in December of 2014. For the last couple of years the fixtures in the gallery have been somewhat difficult to do anything with. Bulbs blew constantly, when you tried to change the bulb the entire fixture just fell to pieces in your hands. Needless to say the whole ordeal had become rather costly and honestly, downright depressing. Don't get me wrong they held up for MANY MANY years, actually since the gallery had been remodeled after the roof collapse all those years ago. But as we all know, everything has a shelf life and these fixtures reached theirs several mile markers ago. So the gallery's Board of Trustees began looking at different options to get the fixtures replaced. After weighing the pros and cons of a variety of fixtures, we found an economic replacement that ended up being more energy efficient, brighter, and not to mention functional!

With these new lights in mind we set out to find the funding needed to replace them. Dennis McClain was lucky enough to find just that with a company based in Pound, VA. Tammy Branham, owner of Caring Touch Home Health Inc. condsidered our need and decided to donate enough for the entire project. Thank you so much Tammy for becoming an advocate of the arts! Your donation has procured all the needed lighting in the Charles W. Harris Gallery for years to come. We were lucky to find you and are proud to add you to the gallery family!